Add Another Level!

Many people are now opting to add a second storey addition to an existing home, instead of building a new home or adding a ground level home extension.

DL’s Home Improvements specialise in second storey additions in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. An additional storey to your home can enhance views and dramatically increase the value of the home.

If you have limited outdoor living space, then adding an extra storey rather than a ground level extension means that you can gain indoor room without compromising your outside lifestyle

You may be looking for an extra bedroom, a study, a guest room or simply extra space to house a growing family and want to extend your home. If you think that building up might be the answer give DL’s experienced and professional team we call. With so many second story additions to houses throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley you know you can trust and relies on the DL’s team.

A significant advantage of adding additional storeys is that they can be designed so as to create light and airy interior spaces that at the same time greatly enhance the exterior look of your home. A well-designed upper extension that develops and builds on the essential character and look of your property should ideally not look like an addition at all, but rather appear to be an original, integral feature. Creating this look will not only positively impact on the appearance of your house but will also add significantly to its value as well.

Second storey additions are much less disruptive to your daily life than standard additions, as building work is completed above the existing home rather than in the yard. In most cases, the addition can be added to an existing property whilst your family occupies part of the house. This saves you considerable costs, whilst also creating the extra space you have always wanted.