DL’s Custom Decks

You can let your ideas run wild! A timber deck can be virtually any shape or size.

Your deck can be built with different levels and stairs, even cantilevered over steep slopes. You can add a timber deck under part or all of your covered area. The options are endless and you’ll be surprised with the decking design possibilities.

Whether you want to relax and read the paper or entertain your family and friends an inviting timber deck gives you style and comfort. Around the pool, around the house or garden, decking can go anywhere.

New Deck Construction

We specialize in construction of timber decking of any size, multi-level,  repair and pool decks. We use a wide variety of timber decking materials and will pick the right material based on your unique style and requirements.

Timber Decking Repair and Restoration

If your pool deck has seen better days then we can help you out. Your timber deck represents a sizeable investment and can do wonders for the appearance of your out door area. It also adds value to your house when it comes time to sell.

Our team can advise you on what needs to be done to get rid of that weary weathered look. Get your deck back to its original colours and get rid of the grey dead look! We can do high pressure deck cleaning, full deck sanding and deck oiling. We’ll have your deck looking perfect in a matter of days!

We’ve done work on small decks or huge entertaining areas – no matter the size we can get your deck looking EXACTLY how you want it.